Friday, March 7, 2008

Bad Blogger Bad, No, No!


Back in October right-wing bloggers raked me over the coals for this post about the attack on Air America’s Randi Rhodes. Even though I said “such speculation is premature” and “I really hope thoughts like this are an over-reaction,” I did quote radio host Jon Elliot when he wondered if Rhodes’ mugging was politically motivated. They still write about it. Oh, the outrage, the unmitigated gall! The irresponsible speculation! Bad blogger, bad!

Fast forward five months and we have conservative blogger John Hinderaker of Power Line, with two suspects in mind for the explosion at a Times Square military recruiting station:

Those groups appear to be the most likely suspects in a bombing in Times Square early this morning. Someone set off an "improvised explosive device" in front of the military recruiting station there; the bomb blew a hole in the building's door. No one was hurt.

Thank you, John Hinedraker! And how does he know that “Islamic extremists or Code Pinkers” are the most likely suspects responsible for this act? Is there some evidence, a quote from law enforcement, something, anything?

Well, of course not. It’s purely a figment of his imagination.

Where’s the outrage from the right about this irresponsible speculation?

* crickets * crickets * crickets *


(h/t, dirk gently)