Thursday, March 6, 2008

1-2-3-4, What Are We Fighting For?

Karl Rove finally admitted it last weekend.

TBS bleeped out one of the lyrics in the final verse, to save our sensitive ears. The real obscenity isn't in the words of a rock song, though, which I why I'm reprinting the entire verse here. Somehow seems appropriate, in light of this move from the Bush Administration:

You got the farms in Argentina
Making fuel from sugar cane
You got the bastards in Washington
Afraid of popping that greed vein
'Cause the money's in the pipeline
And the pipeline's running dry
And we'll be the last to recognize
Where there's shit there's always flies

Thank you, Sheryl Crow, for pointing out what has been obvious to us all from the beginning. Iraq forever, y'all.