Sunday, February 10, 2008

It’s Always Good For Republicans

Have you seen the latest storyline about Democrats working its way through the media? Apparently, because we have two excellent candidates to choose from in the presidential primary, “Democrats are in disarray”!

Yes, that’s right, even though Democratic voters have turned out in record numbers for the primaries, folks like the Washington Post have decided the story is that “Democrats are divided.” The party is split, there’s division in the ranks, it’s Obama v Hilllary!

Even though everyone from President Bush to Fred Thompson are begging, pleading with Republicans for unity, even though conservatives booed putitive GOP nominee John McCain at the CPAC conference and James Dobson said McCain would get elected over his dead body, it’s the Democrats who are in disarray.

This bullshit storyline even made the cover of this week’s Time Magazine, which blares: "The Struggle For the Soul of the Democrats"! Yowza! Writes Time:
Super Tuesday was supposed to settle the Democratic race, but a split decision means it's just getting started--and could get truly ugly

In fact, it was idiots in the media like Time Magazine who decided Super Tuesday was going to settle everything. So don't blame us voters for not meeting your arbitrary deadline.

It’s time for the media to take a big chill-pill and let the voters do their thing.