Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

Or, er, not.

Grab your bullet-proof vests, Vice President Dick Cheney is going quail hunting again:
Vice President Dick Cheney is returning this weekend to the South Texas ranch where he accidentally shot a hunting companion two years ago. Anne Armstrong said Cheney was expected to arrive today at the Armstrong's 50,000-acre ranch.

"We have a wonderful quail crop, and he is a fabulous shot," said Armstrong, a former U.S. ambassador to Great Britain and adviser to Republican presidents.

Yes, fabulous! I wonder if Ms. Armstrong’s tongue was firmly in cheek with that remark? But this is hilarious:

Cheney missed last year's annual trip to his longtime friends' ranch because of scheduling conflicts, Armstrong said.

Armstrong said Whittington hunted at the ranch last year, but couldn't make it for this weekend's visit.

No one could have anticipated that!