Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Year’s Reefer Madness

Hey parents there’s this really nasty drug on the streets that is gonna make your kids think they can fly and man you’d better be on the alert before the entire senior class goes flying off the gym roof. For real!

Thing is, no one seems to no what “White Lightning” is. It seems it’s different things in different places. Here it is in Middle Tennessee:
Police said the crime was fueled by an over the counter drug called “White Lightning,” which is sold as an insect repellent.  Detectives said it's basically a legal form of an addictive narcotic.

"They call it like a fake cocaine,” said Detective Lisa House.  “But what this is, is actually, they sell it in convenience stores.”

The alleged burglar Dustin Pearson was caught loitering less than a quarter mile away from the scene of the crime.  Detectives said his behavior was extremely abnormal.

"It kind of makes him speak in tongues and do off the wall things,” House said.  “He made statements that he had been up 72 hours."

“White Lightning” is available online and in certain stores over the counter.  It's legal in the state of Tennessee, and detectives said parents should be on the lookout.

Here it is in Boise Idaho:

Bath Salts: Deadly Designer Drug Hits Boise Streets

Ivory Snow. Red Dove. Vanilla Sky Bliss. White Lightning. Hurricane Charlie. They're brand names of America's latest designer drug: Bath salts. It's legal and potentially deadly.

"Give the drug-dealers credit," said Lynn Hightower, spokeswoman for the Boise police. "They've done their homework. They're doing their jobs."

Dealers are pushing product and the law can't touch them. Boise Police has been following this stuff for years. But it's just now hitting Treasure Valley Streets.

Users are going to the hospital, hallucinating, resorting to violence, even becoming suicidal. Boise Police received two 911-calls Sunday morning about people having bad trips.

"They were just freaking out," Hightower said, "acting crazy."

Well which is? Insect repellant or bath salts? I mean damn, I’m old enough to remember when White Lightning was code for moonshine.

Georgia says it’s bath salts, and they warn:

"One time you use this, you could fall dead right where you a standing and that is the danger we worry about in these kinds of products," Dr. Gaylord Lopez, the Director of the Georgia Poison Control center said.

I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t laugh, but the hyperbole associated with America’s war on drugs is just silly.

Seems like my entire life there’s been some kind of drug scare that is sure to ruin our children. When I was a kid it was the great Angel Dust scare. Oh, and parsley: apparently kids were eating massive quantities of it to get high. I don’t know anyone who did that, but that’s what the newspapers said we were doing.

Now, thanks to the internet, we have a new one of these silly scares every week. The most hilarious one to me is the famous nutmeg scare. I mean seriously, who thinks this shit is for real?

After 30 years of this you’d think parents would wake up and realize they are being played.