Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pittie Party

Some of you have asked for an update on the pibble puppy who found us last week. In a nutshell: It’s puppy madness!

We’ve named him Riley and he is fitting in nicely with the menagerie. The vet checked him out yesterday and said he’s a little bit underweight but generally in good shape, save yeast and bacterial infections in his ears.

He’s about 6 months old and like most puppies his age, he's a little play monster! He and Chaka really go at it ... a little too much, I sometimes think.

Puppies are something I’ve studiously avoided. They are a lot of work and I mean a LOT of work. It’s the kind of thing where I need to clear my schedule for six months before I can even think of taking on a puppy. So I have to say this unexpected arrival has been a bit stressful. However, Riley is a real sweetheart. We’re teaching him to walk on a leash without dislocating my shoulder or dragging me down the street ... it’s slow but he’s learning. And we’re teaching him to exert a little self-control, for example not barging through doors as soon as they open. I must say he’s doing a little bit better in that regard.

Riley’s favorite thing is to lie on his bed right in front of the fire. He’s a little heat-seeking puppy monster, perhaps because he’s a tad underweight. It’s really cute when he snores at night.

While Riley is fitting right in and gets along great with the other dogs and cats, we are still not committed to keeping him. I've reached out to local Pittie rescues in the hopes of finding him a permanent home. With two dogs and 8 cats I have to think we're at our carrying capacity.

Are you my Mommy?