Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Tennessee Thing Just Isn’t Working Out

Well, thanks to some of Tennessee’s more ludicrous legislators, the state is once again a national laughingstock. State Senator Bill Ketron and House Rep. Judd Matheny have a bill that would send anyone practicing Sharia Law to jail for up to 15 years:
It exempts peaceful practice of Islam but labels any adherence to Shariah law — which includes religious practices such as feet washing and prayers — as treasonous. It claims Shariah adherents want to replace the Constitution with their religious law.

Yes, the scourge that is the halal meat market is surely a threat to our way of life. House of Kabob, you are put on notice.

Dagnabbit but I am sick of you people making me ashamed of where I live. This nonsense is just the cherry on top a sundae of legislative foolishness: a bill forcing teachers to frame subjects like evolution and global warming as “controversial”, a bill that would ban discussion of homosexuality in schools, a bill that would exempt CCW holders from background checks. I mean Jesus Christ, people. Have you not noticed that our unemployment rate is still 9.4%? As of December 2010, Coffee and Warren Counties, Metheny’s district, have unemployment well over 10%. Ketron’s district fares even worse: Maury County unemployment was 13.5%, Marshall County was 15.6%.

Do you idiots really think banning Sharia law is going to help out the people in your districts? People need jobs, not fearmongering about religion! Are you really that out of touch? Are you really that stupid?

And to the people in your districts who keep voting these assclowns into office: don’t you think you deserve better? Is there no one in Marshall, Maury, Lincoln, or Rutherford counties who can do a better job at the legislature? Is there no one able to focus on real problems in these counties? Stuff that people really care about? Is this the best your districts have to offer?

I mean really, I’m almost at a place where I feel like it serves you right. You vote these jokers into office year after year after year -- Ketron and Metheny have been in office since, what, 2004? -- and what you get is 15% unemployment and stupid bills banning Sharia law instead of positive initiatives to bring economic development to rural counties. Maybe they're not the best folks the job, ya think?

You know what really pisses me off about this idiocy? We’re a national punchline -- again. This story got picked up at Gawker, for crying out loud. Once again Tennessee is the poster child for backasswards ignorance. Thanks a lot.

What major employer would want to move to Tennessee when everywhere you look we’re evidently a bunch of uneducated, unsophisticated rubes led by intolerant knuckle-dragging Neanderthals? What educated workforce would want to live here? Every year they ratchet up the idiocy and it’s very, very bad for the state of Tennessee.

Listen: Sen. Ketron and Rep. Metheny. We need jobs and economic development in this state. And ... well, you’re not helping! Just ... shhhh.