Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I Can’t Do Well

Mr. Beale and I are getting ready to go out of town for some vay-kay. Can’t wait to post pics from our trip and see if you guys can figure out where we are!

Needless to say, posting will be light over the next few days (though I truly don’t know how to quit you, so don’t hold me to that).

In the meantime, if you know the secret to any of these things, please let me know:

• Cook brown rice: it’s freaking rice for crying out loud! And I’m a pretty good cook! But for some reason my brown rice always comes out either too wet or too dry or not cooked enough or overcooked or just plain yuck.

My Pitiful Cilantro

• Grow cilantro: This is my second attempt at growing cilantro. It goes like gangbusters for the first month or two and then wilts. Last time I planted it in the ground in a shadier area. This time it's in a pot in the sun. Same results.

Maybe it’s too hot here in Tennessee? I find that hard to believe, since cilantro is a staple of Asian, Indian and Mexican dishes. But for whatever reason I can’t grow it.

• Grow dill: see, Grow Cilantro. I think snails got it last time.

My Rockin' Patchouli

• Figure out what to do with patchouli: I’m growing patchouli in my garden, mostly because I saw it at the Herb Society sale back in the spring and thought it was funny. What Dirty Fucking Hippy doesn’t grow patchouli when presented the opportunity? It’s doing pretty well, the leaves have that distinctive patchouli stink, but I don’t know what the hell to do with it. Clip the leaves and dry it for potpourri? (We are not potpourri people.) Put some leaves in oil? Eat it? Anyone? Bueller?