Friday, July 30, 2010

The Best Campaign Support Money Can Buy

Bad enough that some candidates put campaign signs in the public right of way to make it look like they have more support than they actually do.

But it’s far, far worse to learn some candidates are paying people to show their “support”:
Senator Henry has had people at the intersection of Thompson Lane and Nolensville Rd all week, wearing blue t-shirts and waving at people with signs.

I stopped and spoke with one of them this morning. They are working through a temp service and being paid by the hour. The man I spoke with didn’t know who Mr. Henry is or what he is running for.

It seems pretty pathetic to have to pay pretend supporters ....

Ditto for the campaign “volunteers” parked at West End and Murphy Road for the past week. I was pretty sure these were not actual campaign supporters but hadn’t had a chance to ask.

Yeah, pathetic is the word for it alright.