Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pith Takes It Back

Last night while watching the evening news and quaffing our elitist swill, we saw a campaign ad for Diane Black, a wackadoodle Republican state senator currently running for Congress. Some of you outside of Tennessee may remember Black as the Tennessee legislator who basically slapped her assistant Sherri Goforth on the wrist for sending a racist anti-Obama e-mail.

Black has received less attention for feeding at the wingnut welfare gravy train, but I think this story is worth remembering because it sure smells fishy. Let’s face it: Republicans hate government and government oversight and regulations unless they or their family members can get in on the action. And you dare lecture us about morality, Senator? Give me a break.

Anyway, needless to say we don’t think very highly of Diane Black at our house, so when we saw in her campaign ad that our alternative newspaper The Nashville Scene allegedly called Sen. Black “refreshingly bold,” Mr. Beale just about spewed his pinot noir all over the flat-screen.

No freaking way, we said. Et tu, Scene? Turns out, not so much. Black’s campaign reached waaay into the memory hole for these kind words, finding something written in 1999--eleven years ago. How sad is that? As the Scene points out, they have called her to task far more recently for her intolerance towards gays and the whole racist e-mail thing. The paper writes:
We'd like to make it plain that the Scene has changed its mind about Black. We don't think she's refreshingly bold anymore.

Heh. Proud to say that over at our house, we never did.