Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coming To A Bar Near You

** Comments for this thread have ended. Gun nuts are basically talking to themselves, which near as I can tell y'all can do on the blogs which directed you here to begin with. **

Thank you, Tennessese legislature, for making sure irresponsible crazies like this guy can now be armed in more places than ever:
John Stephenson was walking home from work during a recent sunny afternoon in Hillsboro Village when a man almost ran over him in a crosswalk, argued with him over who had the right of way and then pulled a gun.

“It wasn’t the first time I’ve almost been hit in a crosswalk here, but it w as the scariest,” said Stephenson, who works as head chef at Fido. “I don’t understand. He stopped to argue with me but wouldn’t stop for five seconds to let me cross.”

Hey, if you don’t know enough to not pull a gun on a guy you nearly ran over in a crosswalk then maybe you shouldn’t have one.