Monday, May 3, 2010

Don’t Be Cruel

Brittney Gilbert, formerly of Nashville, writes of her family’s experience in the Nashville flood. Apparently her dad and stepmother had to be evacuated to a shelter where they were greated with this:
They did make it, but once they arrived at the senior citizen center he was told he couldn't bring his (tiny, tiny) lap dog in the facility. Not sure what they thought he would do with a 3 pound dog in a flood, but since he was told the dog could come, after some bitching, the dog got to stay.

Similarly, a refugee from Antioch staying at the Lipscomb Red Cross shelter had to leave her pet rabbit ... in the trunk of her car.

What the hell? Why do we make people abandon their pets when they’ve abandoned everything else in the world? They’ve left their homes, their worldly possessions, they might have lost everything. Why do we tell them they can’t take the one thing that might offer them some comfort--the family pet?

We saw this play out during Hurricane Katrina, we see this play out in every disaster where people seek shelter. No other country does this.

I don’t get it. It’s cruel -- not just to the animals, it’s cruel to the people.