Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Thanks, dear readers, for your condolences. It really brings the magnitude of the disaster home when something like this happens to people you know. We are so used to seeing these stories on TV ... far away .... to strangers. Thank you for your kinds words. Nashville will need a lot of kind words as we dry out and try to get back on our feet.


They found my neighbors, washed away from their vehicle, over by Richland Creek.

They were wonderful people. She was an animal lover who took in strays--five cats and two dogs. We talked a lot about how our pets were like our kids. He was the barbecue king: in the spring he’d pull out a giant smoker and fill the neighborhood with the most delicious smells. He had a killer barbecue sauce recipe which he promised to share with us, teasing that the secret was "a splash of bourbon." I never got that recipe.

They had just bought a new car and were trying to make it to church Sunday morning. Five minutes after they left home came a call that church was cancelled. Five minutes: the difference between a rainy Sunday and tragedy.

They were good neighbors. Good people. We will miss them.

Opryland Hotel is now under water and I’ve heard reports that it will be closed for up to a year. Downtown’s tourism district is under water: the arena, the symphony hall, the stadium. This will be devastating to Nashville’s tourism business. Devastating to Nashville’s economy, just as we were starting to fight our way back.

We will need help. Lots of help. Keith Olbermann did a nice comment last night, with information on how to help:

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