Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tennessee's March Of Fools

If you thought our state legislature was finished wasting time on the guns-and-God agenda, think again:
Would the creation of a new specialty license plate, asserting that “Jesus is Lord,” violate any federal or state constitutional provisions, especially the provisions against the establishment of religion?

That question was apparently asked by State Sen. Eric Stewart, D-Belvidere, of our Attorney General Bob Cooper (apparently this was news last week and somehow I missed it).

I have no idea why Democrat Eric Stewart was asking the AG about this but I just want to say the last thing in the world any of you clowns need to be worrying about is a freaking Jesus Is Lord license plate. For crying out loud, people, have you not noticed that unemployment in Tennessee is still 10.6%? Heck, it’s 15% in Bledsoe and Van Buren Counties, both in Stewart’s district. Why in God’s name are you wasting our time with crap like a Jesus Is Lord license plate?

How is another culture war going to create jobs in this state? If anything, you are scaring the crap out of any industry that might consider locating here. And that goes double for you, Ron Ramsey: you and your phony “we’ll give ‘em the boot” nonsense, you're making us look like a bunch of moonshiners ready to run off the revenue man.

And where is our governor? Why is there no leadership? Why isn’t our top executive telling everyone to cut the crap, we’ve got a crisis on our hands in this state, quit wasting your time on nonsense like Jesus Is Lord license plates and abortion clinic signage.

And let me add, I am furious to see this crap coming from Democrats. What is wrong with you people? Creating jobs should be number one for you folks. It should be your "brand." Putting people to work should be what Tennessee Democrats are known for, especially since Tennessee's Republicans can't seem to find their way back from Bible study and the NRA meeting. Tennessee's Republicans are handing you an opportunity to be grown-ups and you've completely wasted it.

Someone in the Tennessee Democratic Party needs to conk folks like Doug Jackson and Eric Stewart on the head every time they suggest a divisive culture war piece of legislation. It's hard for us to say that Tennessee Republicans are wasting everyone's time with bills that do nothing except get people riled up when you're in there doing the same.

Cut it out, already. A Jesus Is Lord license plate? It's time to get serious.