Friday, April 16, 2010

Putting The "Yahoo" In Yahoo! News


Oh for crying out loud. The conservative outrage has festered resulting in ridiculous ideas like this one.

I'm tired of hearing this attack was "vicious" and "savage." Just look at the picture.


God I love the liberal media.

Conservative persecution complex hit high dudgeon today when Yahoo! News erroneously “reported” that a mugging of two Bobby Jindal staffers in New Orleans last week was politically motivated (apparently the victims were wearing Sarah Palin buttons).

Here they are after the attack, courtesy of the Times-Picayune:

Looks like a typical Friday night in the French Quarter to me, but what do I know. Apparently the woman, Allee Bautsch, has a broken leg in this picture which required a six-day hospitalization and rods in her leg and ankle to repair, according to Yahoo! News. Her boyfriend, Joe Brown, apparently has a broken nose here. I’d call bullshit on both claims but that would get me labeled a hater plus I wasn’t there so I don’t know jack. I’m just sayin’. (Plus, where are the Sarah Palin buttons?)

Anyway, Yahoo! News went straight to the source, in this case a conservative blogger, to report in a banner headline that the attack may have been politically motivated :
Brutal attack on Republican fundraiser and boyfriend may have been politically motivated (UPDATED)

Turns out, not so much. Yahoo! News national affairs writer Brett Michael Dykes got that info from right wing blogger Pat Dollard, who claimed to be quoting the New Orleans Police Dept.--you’d think a reporter for a news outlet like Yahoo would have actually called the NOPD himself, but I guess that’s why it’s called “yahoo.” Politico actually picked up the telephone and spoke to NOPD spokesman Bob Young who told them Dollard had completely misquoted him.

More specifically:

Dollard quoted him saying the attack was politically motivated, but an irritated Young said the quote was the opposite of what he'd said and "completely incorrect."

Hmm. I followed this story all day long, by dinner time Yahoo! News had “updated” its story but still has not changed its headline, even after the Times-Picayune got a hold of the police report which says the attack was not politically motivated after all.

Yahoo! News has not offered a correction of any kind, in fact, but has just “updated” its story to report on what other media outlets now say (and not very accurately, I might add: after Politico reported Bob Young's claim he was misquoted, Yahoo! News said Young had "backtracked.") Anyway, I guess they just want us to decide.

In the meantime, all day long the Freeperati have been all like, “OMG OMG OMG liberals are big fat meanies and we’re all gonna die.” Whatever, liberals have done the same, that’s not the point. The point is that fucking Yahoo! News still hasn’t corrected its incorrect report and the liberal media still isn't liberal.

For a more complete rundown of today’s events, check Gawker’s rundown of the story.