Monday, April 26, 2010

NPR: Stop Hurting America

NPR’s “Morning Edition” asks if you remember when Jack Bauer was cool?
The show 24 was often ahead of the curve. It had a black president, years before President Obama. It offered a window into the fight against terrorism. It helped fuel a serious debate over the use of torture.

And now Fox has just announced that the ticking clock is winding down -- this is 24's last season. So is this another case of the writers of 24 predicting the future?

No. Just, stop it already.

I have never understood the fascination of our political betters with a TV show. It’s bad enough that conservatives used Jack Bauer to justify torture and changes to the legal code in times of crisis. I’ve never thought conservatives operated in the realm of intellectual complexity anyway.

But when the news media endorses that approach by positing its own ridiculous as-goes-“24”-so-goes-America theory, then Houston, we have a problem.

I would have thought NPR would take this shit seriously. Sadly, no.