Friday, August 14, 2009

The Loneliest Protester

I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin for Tom Kovach, the only one to show up at an anti-healthcare reform protest at West End Middle School today:
Tom Kovach, state director of America’s Independent Party, said he’d hoped to see at least 50 people at the protest in a parking lot in front of West End Middle School near downtown.

Instead, the only company he had was a hand full of reporters and a few passing joggers.

This protest was a giant fail from the get-go. Rep. Jim Cooper was scheduled to welcome West End Middle School students to their first day of school. Somehow Kovach got the idea that this was a town hall meeting.

Think about it: a town hall meeting? At a public school on the first day of school? During school hours? Who would plan that?

Regardless, Kovach scheduled a protest, which the media dutifully reported. Cooper pulled out, not wanting to disrupt the first day of school. Kovach was undeterred, and appeared for his lonely man protest anyway.

Well, not quite so lonely. Remember:

Instead, the only company he had was a hand full of reporters and a few passing joggers.

Ah, yes, our glorious media. Of course! You can always count on them to sniff out a hot story, which usually happens to be where a conservative activist is calling for the whaaaambulance.

It took the Tennessee Democratic Party to point out Kovach’s checkered past:

Kovach was fired from his job at Whites Creek High School in 2007 for abusing a student. He was subsequently arrested by Metro police for the same incident after charges were filed.

Meanwhile, the No Chaser blog reminds us that Cooper opened a can of whupass on Kovach in the 2006 election, beating him 122,919 to 49,702. Looks like Kovach is the epitome of the sore loser--something else our media failed to mention. They apparently still haven’t discovered the Google.