Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Epic Fail, Birther Style

Oh goodie. Now you, too, can have your own Kenyan birth certificate thanks to the handy-dandy Republic of Kenya birth certificate generator.

You kids on the intertubes. You crack me up!
Birthers get pwned:
DINA ROSENDORFF: It's believed computer hackers found Mr Bomford's birth certificate on his family's genealogy website. 

They used it as the basis for a forgery in an attempt to prove President Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii.

Only people born in the USA can be president.

The fake Kenyan birth document has been circulated by political opponents of Obama's, called the Birthers, who are out to unseat him.


DINA ROSENDORFF: Looking over the documents in question Mr Bomford still can't quite believe his eyes. 

DAVID JEFFREY BOMFORD: It's little old me and my mum and everything else up there. Oh I definitely confirm that the birth certificate was mine. That was quite easy to see - my address, even the style of the birth certificate was an old South Australian one. 

So it's quite easy to identify that it's mine. 

DINA ROSENDORFF: And looking at the fake Kenyan birth certificate what do you make of it? 

DAVID JEFFREY BOMFORD: It's definitely a copy of my certificate. It's so laughable it's ridiculous.

So the Kenyan birth certificate was a forgery, the third (I think?) of these things the birthers have trotted out. And that’s that. In other news, the sun rose in the east today.

But while David Jeffrey Bomford might understandably be freaked out to find himself involved in a conspiracy theory concerning the American president, it’s really not all that ridiculous. Conspiracy theories have been out there since forever. What is ridiculous is the reaction of the media.

We can point fingers and laugh all we want at a right-wing partisan outfit like WingNut Daily claiming it had a “journalistic responsibility” to post the faked birth certificate. Dave Weigel writes:

WND has a deeply amusing idea of what “journalism” is supposed to be.

Indeed. But what’s CNN's and MSNBC’s excuse? David Shuster and Tamron Hall did this shameful excuse for an interview with Orly Taitz last week. My liberal friends have been cheering at the “meltdown” Shuster provoked but really it just made me sad. I refuse to cheer when a legitimate cable news outlet like MSNBC lowers itself to WorldNet Daily standards.

This morning I posted a short YouTube video from a nut job who claims George Soros is backing liberal bloggers who are out to destroy America. Is David Shuster going to interview that guy about his theory?

The whole thing just depresses me.