Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Because People Are Stupid

Another Nashville gun nut defines stupidity and consequently a young man is in critical condition:
Right after 9 p.m. Tuesday, police said the 44-year-old owner of Chico's Market was showing his employees his new semi-automatic 9 mm pistol, when he shot a 23-year-old employee in the stomach. According to the owner, he took the clip out, but he forgot there was a bullet in the chamber.

Emergency officials transported the 23-year-old to Vanderbilt where he was listed in critical but stable condition Wednesday morning.

So far, no charges have been filed and police were continuing their investigation.

Don’t know why you have to actually pull the trigger when you are showing off your new toy.

Of course, accidents happen! Even to people who supposedly know better, like this Memphis Police Academy instructor. Look what happened yesterday:

A male recruit at the Memphis Police Academy was accidentally shot in the arm during a training exercise this afternoon, authorities said.

The recruits were being taught how to draw with the non-shooting hand, according to a statement from department spokeswoman Officer Karen Rudolph.

At about 1:15 p.m., an instructor drew a weapon and the gun discharged. The recruit was struck in the left wrist and was treated and released at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis.

Jeez. They are doing training exercises with loaded weapons?

I predict as more people start carrying their guns around to more places, accidents due to careless stupidity will become more common.