Friday, September 5, 2008

The Green Screen Explained

Hilarious. Mr. Beale and I were wondering what the hell that lawn was. Turns out it was the lawn of Walter Reed -- Middle School in North Hollywood, CA, that is:
Last night's creepy Edward Scissorhands backdrop for McCain's speech confused more than a few people last night. It seems like Josh Marshall and co. may be onto a HUGE p.r. disaster for the G.O.P...

The picture behind McCain was Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, CA. Yes, that's right. Hollywood.

And yes, that would be "Walter Reed."

The "noun, verb, P.O.W., sleeping pill" speech of McCain was given with the ironic backdrop of clueless G.O.P operatives screwing up an attempt to show the REAL WALTER REED HOSPITAL.

As is so often the case during the Bush reign, the symbolism exceeds the conceits of the most fantastic fiction.

They don't know about computers, or Google, or the internets, but they're telling us to "catch up to history." They preach about P.O.W.'s, but they don't know, or don't bother too long to find out, what Walter Reed looks like.

And now they play the blame game.

Cripes. They can’t handle the most basic thing: putting up a backdrop for the candidate's speech. And we’re supposed to trust you with running the entire country? No. Fucking. Way.