Monday, September 15, 2008

Best Memory Hole Ever!

Via commenter Sekmet at Atrios comes this gem from September 7, 2000:
Bush Says That the Bottom Line on Gore's Proposals Would Consume the Surplus

Published: September 7, 2000

Gov. George W. Bush opened a new line of attack against his Democratic rival today, accusing Vice President Al Gore of making so many promises in this campaign that he would devour the entire $4.6 trillion federal surplus projected for the next decade.

Mr. Bush chose to fight on the economy and fiscal policy on a day when Mr. Gore unveiled an ambitious and detailed economic blueprint and called for the creation of a $300 billion rainy day fund to be set aside as an emergency source of money if the economy slows down.

The Bush campaign took out a full page advertisement in some regional editions of USA Today quoting six Nobel laureates and nearly 300 other economists praising Mr. Bush's approach to fiscal policy. The Texas governor also seized on an analysis released by Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee, who said the cost of the vice president's programs could be as high as $906 billion more than he has estimated.

''I want America to add up all the promises my opponent has made,'' Mr. Bush told a crowd at an early morning airport rally in Scranton, Pa. ''All the promises over the course of this campaign. He has the easy style of campaigning. Go to one community and make a promise here, go to another community. When you add it all up, he's spent the entire surplus on bigger government. He won't admit it.''

Ah, good times, good times.

Let’s add it up, shall we, America? After seven years, Bush has not only consumed the entire surplus but left the country $438 billion in debt--not including the government bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And don’t even start that whole “but ... but ... but Democrats are in control of Congress!” Er, no. They have a one-person majority in the Senate. They aren’t in control of Congress because their majority is not fillibuster-proof and the Republicans have brought obstructionism to new heights.

So after seven years of Republican economic policy, you think you want more? Heh. Joe Klein has more.