Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Finally Get An Answer

That was some awesome kabuki theater Congress saw this week courtesy of Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker. Buried deep in Act 2 came the answer to the question I asked here and here.

Thank you, Congressman Robert Wexler, Democrat from Florida’s 19th:
Underscoring the tragedy of the Administration's failed policy, one of my constituents died in an attack on the Green Zone on Monday. I spoke with his parents yesterday, and they asked me to ask General Petraeus a simple question: For what? For what had they lost their son?

I asked him this question, and then asked him to define "victory."

I did not expect General Petraeus to answer either directly, but he did.

He stated that we were fighting for national interest, including the region's "importance to the global economy." (In my mind, a stunning admission of the true motives behind this war.) He stated that they were trying to achieve a country that is "at peace with itself and its neighbors," "could defend itself" that was "reasonably representative of and broadly responsive to its citizens." These are not reasonable objectives. Half the countries around the world are not able to defend themselves. Many have internal and external conflict - and few - including our own, are broadly responsive to its citizens.

Read the transcript here.

This is not political. Republicans as well as Democrats understand the point Wexler makes. If we’re in Iraq for economic reasons (cough*cough*OIL*cough*cough) then let’s have a freaking conversation about it already. It’s beyond time to have that conversation. Enough with the BS about WMD and terrorism and democracy and ponies. If the president thinks our stability depends on Iraqi oil, come out and say so already. What, is he chicken?

This week Amb. Crocker finally admitted the war on terror is in Afghanistan, not Iraq. Last month Karl Rove said if we left Iraq, oil would be $200/barrel. It’s pretty obvious that everyone knows Iraq is about oil, not terrorism--except maybe the American people, because no one has come out and told them.

I hate to make a bad pun here, but there IS an elephant in the room, and it’s not just the sucky Republican president. So come on, America. Do you want your sons and daughters to die for oil? Does this make sense to you? Speak up, don't be shy. Let your represenatives know what you think.

Because we can no longer pretend ignorance about the true reasons we are in Iraq.