Friday, April 18, 2008

ABC Calls Central Casting

Looks like when the producers at ABC News were too ashamed to ask that ridiculous “flag pin” question at Wednesday’s debate, they found the perfect patsy person to do it for them. Meet Nash McCabe, Obama hater:
But she sees a difference between the two. In Clinton, she sees someone who has struggled for years, just like her, and has earned the right to be president. In Obama, she sees someone who rose like a rocket, always has a smooth explanation for everything — whether it's about his former preacher or the flag pin — and who makes it all look too easy.

"That's what upsets me about Barack Obama," she says. "He takes everything so nonchalantly."

So Nash McCabe, the lady who asked the infamous “flag pin” question, has some issues. She appears--dare I say it?--bitter. Okay, fair enough. But how did ABC find this lady?

Turns out it wasn’t too hard, seeing as how McCabe was interviewed by the New York Times on the flag pin issue earlier in the month.

What a coinky-dinky! Or, you know, not. Turns out McCabe wasn’t exactly a random representative of voters. She was “cast.” She’s certainly entitled to her opinions, no matter how much I may disagree with them. But heads up to ABC: You don't "cast" the news. That's crossing the line into manipulation.

Here's a good explanation:

So Nash McCabe wasn't located at random at all. Instead, someone at ABC News decided that they wanted to go after Obama on the patriotism issue, and they actively sought a Pennsylvanian who they knew wanted to bring it up. I assume they thought it would sound better if "a typical voter" asked the question instead of Charlie Gibson. "You see, we're only raising the issue the voters really care about," they can claim.

Uh-huh. Way to go, ABC. That’s a real class act.

For ABC News to set up Barack Obama--or any candidate--in a debate this way is a low blow. And it further proves what I’ve been saying all along: that this election is just Kabuki theater to the news outlets. It’s entertainment, just another story to file in between their coverage of today’s crazy polygamist cult and the celeb divorce du jour. They don't even take it seriously enough to cover it accurately. Instead they are going to "stage" it, to maximize the entertainment value.

This stuff matters, ABC. The ship of state has been steered into deeply troubled waters. We’re electing a leader. It matters. “Casting” your debate questioners is just wrong.

I doubt they get it. In fact, I’m sure they don’t.

Fuck ‘em.