Monday, March 14, 2011

A Prediction

Judging by our recent history -- think the BP oil spill -- the Japanese nuclear disaster will see Republicans and Democrats double-down on their calls for more nuclear plants, and those folks calling for a moratorium on new plants (Joe Lieberman, Ed Markey) will fold like lawn chairs. Anything reasonable Obama and the Democrats suggest that would enable us to learn from Japan, like some of the things Ed Markey recommended, will be portrayed as the worst sort of hysterical government overreach. Utilities will have a sad and claim all sorts of hardship, the media will misreport the facts, and when the dust settles (so to speak) we’ll carry on as before.

Then when the unthinkable happens, well, nobody could have predicted that! But it will be Obama and the Democrats’ fault!

So yeah, seen this movie before.

So I really do need to stay away from the blog this week, which I promised to do last week. You can’t miss me if I won’t go away, plus I have deadlines piling up and a ton of stuff that needs to be done. So feel free to kick me in the ass if I post again this week and don’t get mad if I’m not approving comments as quickly as you’d like.