Friday, March 11, 2011

The Japan Syndrome


Amazing Video:



Worse still:
(Reuters) - Japanese officials may only have hours to cool reactors that have been disabled by Friday's massive earthquake and tsunami or face a nuclear meltdown.

Yeah maybe not so cheap and reliable after all, eh Lamar?


And it gets worse:

Japanese officials on Saturday issued broad evacuation orders for people living in the vicinity of two separate nuclear power plants that had experienced breakdowns in their cooling systems as a result of the earthquake, and warned that small amounts of radiation were likely to leak from the plants.


A Japanese nuclear safety panel said radiation levels were 1,000 times above normal in a reactor control room at Daiichi facility. Some radiation had also seeped outside that plant, with levels just outside the plant’s main gate measured at eight times normal, Public Broadcaster NHK quoted nuclear safety officials as saying.

Yeah, there are better options.
Just a real-world reminder of why nuclear power will always remain unsafe, unwise and unacceptable, especially when safe alternatives already exist and are indeed in use. If Fukushima No. 1 were a solar plant or wind farm it would be one less thing for the people of Japan to be worried about right now.

And let's also remember that if a catastrophic accident occurs at a nuke plant in America, we all will pay for it, whether you used one watt of that plant's energy or not. All part of the grand plan to privatize gains and socialize losses.