Tuesday, June 26, 2007

GOP: Trying To Run From Bush’s Iraq Policy

Yesterday Republican Senator from Indiana Richard Lugar said it’s time for a “thoughtful Plan B” in Iraq:
Arguing that time for coming up with a "thoughtful Plan B" is running out, Lugar said President Bush must downsize the U.S. military's role in Iraq and place more emphasis on diplomatic and economic options.

"A redeployment would allow us to continue training Iraqi troops and delivering economic assistance, but it would end the U.S. attempt to interpose ourselves between Iraqi sectarian factions," Lugar said.

That’s so cute. Seems to me Democrats, oops, excuse me, ”Defeatocrats” have been calling for economic, diplomatic and political solutions in Iraq for quite some time. Commander Codpiece and his minions of yes men can’t imagine a “win” in Iraq involving anything other than bombs and bullets, though. The only victory palatable to this crowd is a military one; peace through diplomatic means is just so wussy to these guys.

Well, Sen. Lugar, I hate to break it to you, but the idea of a “Plan B” was nixed long ago. Last spring, when Gen. Peter Pace and President Bush met with a group of governors, Pace told Tennesse Governor Phil Bredesen: “Plan B was to make Plan A work.” Awesome!

From the memory hole:

In the weeks since Bush announced the new plan for Iraq -- including an increase of 21,500 U.S. combat troops, additional reconstruction assistance and stepped-up pressure on the Iraqi government -- senior officials have rebuffed questions about other options in the event of failure. Eager to appear resolute and reluctant to provide fodder for skeptics, they have responded with a mix of optimism and evasion.

So, to Sen. Lugar and your partner, Republican Sen. George Voinovich, who today joined the “pull ‘em out” ranks, I say: it’s a little too late. You should have thought of Plan B before you voted against the Democrats’ bill to begin troop withdrawals in October. Or before you voted against a measure that voiced the Senate’s disapproval of Bush’s troop surge.

Bush keeps telling us he has a plan, and that plan “is to win.” Got that? The plan is to win. Now shut up and go polish your rubber stamp. You're late to the party, as always.