Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Object

I object to a rigged game.

I object to a broken system.

I object to those in power benefitting from keeping our system broken.

I object to a system which expects we the working people to open our wallets on a par with multinational corporations.

I object to institutionalized imbalance.

I object to a media which misinforms and divides, and is rewarded with billions of dollars in election year advertising.

I object to propaganda disguised as news, and money masquerading as speech.

I object to the politics of fear.

I object to the collusion of big business, corporate media and government.

I object to spending $4 billion so we can shout over one another, while kids go hungry and schools crumble.

I object to the freak show.

I object to a system which sees me as an object:

“I, object”: a wallet, a bank account, a credit score.

“I, object”: an opinion to be swayed.

“I, object”: a rabble to be roused.

“I, object”: a vote to be manipulated.

I object to same as it ever was.

I object to the failure to reform.

I object to the lack of leadership.