Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rick Kelly Is My New Hero


In comments, Rick Kelly writes that Mayor Wiseman denies sending the threatening e-mail. Kelly says he has the original IP address and will be looking into it.

Like I said, grab the popcorn!


I do not know Rick Kelly but a friend passed on to me his e-mail exchange with the Obama-hating mayor of Arlington TN. Sit back and grab the popcorn because man, it’s a doozy.

Kelly, a Tennessean, was a little ticked off at Mayor Wiseman’s Facebook rant accusing President of Obama of purposefully pre-empting wholesome, Christian entertainment like “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to talk about something as trivial as sending our troops to war.

He sent Mayor Wiseman the following e-mail:
Mr. Mayor.

Please refrain from making remarks of such a profoundly ignorant and racist nature on a forum that will allow you to reflect on the state of Tennessee in such a way. You are an embarrassment to thinking people everywhere, and the fact that your idiocy has been picked up by the Tennesseean and will inevitably end up on the national media might cause the rest of the country, and the world, to think that all Tennesseans are as reprehensible, backwards, and moronic as you.

I hope you at least weren't wearing your Klan robe in your facebook profile picture.

You pinhead.


Rick Kelly

Kelly received the following response:

Mr. Kelly,

America is still a free country and every American has the right to free speech. You should know this coming from a family of liberal fuckheads. Anytime that you're ready, you should relocate northward as you're an embarassment to the South. Your sensibilities would be more appreciated there, you sad little single man.

Just take care the next time that you or your brother James pass through Arlington. We'll skin you both alive and use your combined blubber to fuel the oil lamps on our thoroughfares on into the 22nd century.

All the best,

City of Arlington

Kelly posted the entire exchange on his Facebook page.

Yesterday via Kleinheider I read Wiseman’s latest statement in which he states he regrets

any embarrassment that might have been unfairly visited on my friends, my family, my church, and the citizens and officials of the Town of Arlington.

Dude. You just threatened to run two people out of town and melt them down, and signed it “City of Arlington.” I think someone has some anger management issues.

And I think the City of Arlington needs to find itself a new mayor. I dunno, I don't live there, but I don't think this kind of stuff reflects well on the community.

As an interesting sidebar to this story, I learned via the Memphis Flyer that Russell Wiseman’s brother Lang is chair of the Shelby County GOP.