Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Howard Dean Says: Kill Senate Healthcare Bill

Yes, it’s true:
In a pre-recorded interview given today by Howard Dean and set to air at 5:30pm EST on Vermont Public Radio, Dean has called for the Senate health care bill to be put to death as it no longer proposes enough reform to make a difference. Dean’s comments come in reaction to what appears to be the Democratic Caucus’ decision to remove both the Medicare buy-in and a public option from the Senate health care reform package.

Well, let me say, I find this a tremendous relief. As I wrote last week, this so-called “reform” is a joke. If they need to blame it all on Joe Lieberman to cover their asses or what, I don’t care. But this bill needs to die a swift, efficient death.

So what do we do to bring about healthcare reform? Here’s Dean’s suggestion:

"This is essentially the collapse of health care reform in the United States Senate. Honestly the best thing to do right now is kill the Senate bill, go back to the House, start the reconciliation process, where you only need 51 votes and it would be a much simpler bill.”

Works for me.