Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newsom's Mill, Tennessee

Today was one of those perfect fall days we've seen so few of in Tennessee lately: sunny, crisp and fresh, with fall colors just starting to burst. It was Sunday to boot, which meant Mr. Beale and I spent a few hours driving around the countryside outside of Nashville, just to enjoy the day. It was pure heaven.

We headed out to Newsom’s Mill, along the Harpeth River. The mill itself, built in 1862, still stands. And this is for Aunt B, who has been collecting ghost stories lately: the place gave off major “Blair Witch Project” vibes for me. Maybe it’s because decrepit old stone ruins in the middle of the forest are creepy by their very nature. But then I read the interpretive signs (no easy feat as they are riddled with bullet holes--yes, we Tennesseans will shoot at anything), where I learned that a skeleton was once found on the property with a pitchfork through it.

I don't know any more about the victim but I’d say it’s a good bet they are haunting the place these days, and you won't catch me walking around out there after dark. And I think Aunt B has another ghost story to track down.