Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lamar Alexander: Wanker Of the Day

Sen. Lamar Alexander thinks "it’s dangerous” for the government to write laws dealing with end of life issues.

Reports WPLN's Nina Cardona:
Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander says it’s dangerous to write laws dealing with end of life decisions.

Oh that’s great. I am so glad to know Sen. Alexander has come out against the death penalty.

Wait, that’s not what he said?

Hmmm. Okay, at least let me look up all of his vocal opposition to the famous “Palm Sunday Compromise” orchestrated by fellow Tennessee Senator Bill Frist that interefered in the Terri Schiavo end of life issue.

Wow, can’t seem to find any of those, either.

Okay, let’s look at what he actually said:

“Almost every doctor I know has these sort of discussions with families and with patients as part of an ongoing relationship. For the government to get involved in this at all is risky business and fraught with misunderstanding and a bad idea.”

Let’s be clear on what you are opposing, Senator Alexander. You are opposing Medicare reimbursement of doctors for these discussions.

In other words, you are objecting to Medicare payment of a component of the doctor-patient relationship you admit is quite commonplace, something which “almost every doctor” you know does with their patients.

You are in essence saying that something which is so common that “almost every doctor” you know does it should either be free, or patients should pay for it out of their own pocket.

You, Sen. Alexander, are an asshole.