Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Die Quickly

Today’s manufactured outrage destined to domninate the news cycle:

How very impolite of the gentleman from Florida to point out some inconvenient truths about the Republican Party’s approach to healthcare reform.

By all means let’s get our knickers in a twist over this and demand an apology while the gentlewoman from North Carolina says that the Democrats' healthcare reform plan will "cause seniors to be put to death by their government.” And the gentlewoman from Minnesota accuses President Obama of wanting to control the food supply and limit your caloric intake.

And the gentleman from South Carolina heckles the president during a speech to Congress. And the gentleman from Georgia fearmongers about “czars”.

How very unmannerly of Rep. Grayson! And while all of this manufactured outrage wages on, has anyone bothered to ask the Republicans their ideas to reform our broken healthcare system? Besides tax cuts, of course?


Ah well, then. Let’s drive this fauxtrage train for all the ratings glory we can because by all means the very last thing anyone in the media wants us to do is actually talk about healthcare reform.