Monday, February 4, 2008

If Only He’d Been In A Position To Do Something About That

Bill Frist is milking his corporate shilling for evil soft drink giant Coca-Cola with James Carville during the Super Bowl. He says:
The theme is bringing people together in the political arena, something I wish we saw a bit more often in D.C.  I hope this commercial will encourage others to reach across divides - political or otherwise - for the greater good of our nation.

Hilarious. Bill Frist thinks we’re going to forget all of the back-door dealings and parliamentary maneuvering that he and he alone used to silence and oppress the minority party.

Like the time he held open the Medicare roll call vote for three full hours, or the time his top judiciary aide Manuel Miranda hacked into Democratic computers and was forced to resign, or what about the time he threatened the “nuclear option” if President Bush didn’t get his way on his judicial picks. That was reaching across the aisle, all right--with a baseball bat!

I expect we’ll see more and more of this kind of soft-focus reimaging of hard-boiled GOP partisans and Bush water carriers in the coming months. Yes, the country’s political pendulum is moving back to the left, hard-right conservatism is out of vogue, and political opportunists like Bill Frist who aren't ready to go out to pasture are hoping we'll forget their very active roles in the hyper-partisan Bush/Rove years.

Hah. Fat chance, Fristie. As if. You really think we’re going to forget Terry Schiavo and Justice Sunday because you’re mouthing a lot of pretty words now in a desperate attempt to revive your dead political career? Not on your life.

(h/t, Volunteer Voters)