Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I’ve Had Enough

[UPDATE]: Updated MSNBC contact info below. Southern Beale doesn't spend nearly as much time reading "The Hollywood Reporter" as she used to.


Watching Ann Coulter spew one nasty personal attack after another on "Hardball" last night turned my stomach. Not because of what she said -- let's face it, Coulter's schtick hasn't changed in years -- but because this hateful brew is what now passes for public discourse in this country. When did these mean-spirited, vindictive smears become acceptable for a legitimate news show like “Hardball”? This is not news, nor even legitimate opinion, it’s theater. It’s mean, intolerant and it’s tearing this country apart.

I’ve had enough. I will no longer participate in a one-sided conversation that serves no purpose except to rile viewers and breed intolerance and anger. You’re hurting America. Stop it.

I urge “Hardball” advertisers to withdraw their support from empty political theatrics such as this. I urge Chris Matthews to find some sense of decency and contribute to the uplifting of the American conversation, not its detriment. Mr. Kaplan Abrams I beg of you, find some sense of civic responsibility and bring it to work with you for a change.

I ask these things as a Christian, as an American, and as a citizen of the world. Stop the hate speech.

It’s time for this nation to come together. You, as sponsors and purveyors of content across the public airwaves, have a responsibility to bring about this change and undo the damage you’ve caused.


Southern Beale, Nashville, TN

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