Friday, June 22, 2007

Drudge: Still Wrong

I’m actually not sure who to blame for this: crackpot Sen. James Inhofe or Matt “Who Me? Fact Check?” Drudge. But the latest fauxtroversy to have right wing knickers in a twist is this fabricated conversation that apparently took place between Sen. Barbara Boxer and Hillary Clinton, in which it’s alleged they advocated “a legislative fix” for talk radio. (That would be the same talk radio that Trent Lott decried as “running America,” adding, “We have to deal with that problem.” But I digress.)

The ankle-biters of the right--Free Republic, Faux News, etc.--are already in full dither. Freeper post says “Hillary, Boxer hatch nefarious plot," it’s a major headline at Fox News and since it came from Drudge, I’m sure Politico is already on it.

Guess what, folks: the alleged conversation never happened. Completely made up. TPM has statements from Boxer and Clinton flatly denying the story:
Here's a statement sent to me from Natalie Ravitz, Boxer's communications director:

"Senator Boxer told me that either her friend Senator Inhofe needs new glasses or he needs to have his hearing checked, because that conversation never happened."


And from Hillary spokesman Philippe Reines:
"Jim Inhofe is wrong. This supposed conversation never happened - not in his presence or anywhere else."

I’m sure Drudge and Fox News have already run corrections.

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