Friday, June 5, 2009

My Abortion Is A Mean Drunk

Apparently my abortion went to a bar, got drunk, started a fight, and just started shooting up the place.

My abortion has also been known to get just go off by accident, killing innocent bystanders. I hate it when my abortion acts that way.

My abortion has also been known to get in the hands of criminals, convicted felons, in fact. It’s not supposed to do that, and yet ...!

Look, asshats. You have your fucking Second Amendment. No one is trying to take it away. I just want to be able to eat my dinner without worrying some drunk yahoo is going to go all vigilante on someone at the next table. Alcohol and guns don’t mix, or haven’t you read your NRA Gun Safety Guide?

My abortion affects me, my family and my fetus. My abortion is none of your fucking business. And yet, people on the right keep trying to outlaw my abortion. You can own all the guns you want.

Not really the same thing, now, is it?

Adding ....

On top of which, it's one thing to say restaurant owners can opt-out of the new guns legislation, but with the TN Firearms Assn. planning their usual bully tactics, wouldn't that be a little like pro-choice people forcing women to have abortions? And I just don't see that happening anywhere.

Bottom line, the analogy is bogus, yet conservatives are all for putting all sorts of restrictions on what women can do with their bodies but whine like babies if they can't keep an assault weapon by their side at all times.

Just in time for The Pill Kills Day, too.