Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist


Blue Collar Muse FAIL (below via Pith):
Update: Well, it turns out Mr. Graves isn't a Democrat at all. According to Pith's multitude of informed sources, he's a Republican. Whoopsies! Guess that's why the Republicans haven't held their little media event about this yet. Graves voted in the 2006 GOP primary. In addition, he lists among his Facebook groups the College Republicans, Bush is my Homeboy (whatever that is), and Republicans for Alternative Energy. Also on his Facebook, he says he's a fan of Bob Corker. We're not sure how he wound up in Camper's office.

Yeah I'd like to know how he ended up in Camper's office, too.

Regardless, I'd like to know why he was fired and Goforth was not. What's the HR policy, Kenneth?



So the aide who sent the e-mail from the Democratic legislators office has been fired. Sherri Goforth, on the other hand, still has a job.

Wow. I was certain Blake Graves would get the same "reprimand" as Goforth. I guess I was wrong.

I'm confused because it was initially reported that he was an intern. Perhaps he still is; Braisted reports Graves was honored with a resolution recognizing his work with the College Republicans.

Now I'm really confused. What was a College Republican doing working for Democratic legislators?


Just to clarify, while I did receive the e-mail in question, I did not get it from anyone involved in state government or party politics. My only e-mails from politicians or Democratic Party officials are of the "please send us money" variety.

I simply don't move in those circles, despite being, ahem, "a popular Left wing blogger."

I'm still giggling over that.

Anyway, the e-mail I received came from a personal contact who is not involved in politics in any way.


ACK didn’t think the Sherri Goforth story was newsworthy but he calls our attention to this e-mail sent by a Democratic Party staffer an aide intern to a Democratic legislator.

Oddly enough, someone sent me that e-mail; at the time I didn’t see it as racist but I found the kids in the dog crate picture off-putting as it looked to me like it was making fun of child abuse. I trashed it.

So everyone’s a little bit racist, after all. Hey, it’s Tennessee! We’re all doing it! With that in mind (wish this had a picture but it's just music):