Friday, May 25, 2007

The Writer’s Life

I’m headed out of town for a 10-day writer’s retreat.

When you live in Nashville and say you are going to a writer’s retreat, that usually conjures up images of a French chateau where folks like Sting and Bryan Adams help you craft your next #1 hit.

But I’m headed to northern Kentucky, not the South of France. I won’t hit the Louvre, but I believe the Creation Museum is just up the road. Heh.

I’d love to work on a song with three other people for a week, then parlay my cocktail party connections into a hundred grand. But I’m not that kind of writer.

I’m the kind of wrtier that is still working on the same novel three years in. This would be the same novel I brought with me to the writer’s retreat in 2004. The same novel I should be working on when I do things like write blog posts instead.

Such is the writer’s life.

I’ll be checking in periodically, depending on the reliability of WiFi. Have a great weekend.