Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rush Limbaugh Thinks You’re Stupid

That’s how I take these comments after Rush went on a tear about a poll showing most Americans think we are not prepared for another big disaster:
But, anyway, this story -- I guess it's too hard to investigate the government is actually ready for another disaster? This is an AP story -- but it's ran [sic] on CNN -- reports on yet another stupid poll by another stupid news organization, which actually shows nothing but how stupid the public is in believing everything the drive-by media says.

We've got a poll of the American -- why would you believe a poll of uninformed or ignorant people? What does it matter that a majority of Americans don't think the federal government's ready? Why not go ask the FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] people? They're the ones who would have to mobilize. So, we're to conclude, "Oh my gosh, the government's not ready! A majority of people don't think so. They must know something I don't." It's just trash -- absolute trash journalism.

Let the record reflect: Rush Limbaugh was defending the government and criticizing the American people. I thought Rush built his career on being a “populist” -- on being a “man of the people” against that big, corrupt, sleazy creature known as the “government.” What happened? Is Rush back on the Hillbilly Heroin or what?