Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 Years & Counting

Today’s my Blogiversary! I just checked my very first blog post and read the following:
It's not even mid-May and it's already 88 degrees outside. Shoot me now.

My goodness, how nothing has changed! At all! I just checked the forecast and yep, they’re calling for it to be 88 degrees today.

I can’t remember why I started this blog, other than to give myself a place to vent. I think my logic at the time was, if I vent about something once a day on my own blog, I can devote the rest of my time to other writing instead of farting around on the internet all day. And then Satan invented the Twittahz and Facespace thingie and I was doooomed. Hah!

Anyway, don’t know what the future of this space is but clearly I’m too addicted to it to give it up. I’m humbled that anyone bothers to come over here and read my rants and look at videos of my dogs, but these personal connections in a very impersonal place like the internet are a big reason why I keep coming back. So, thanks for reading.