Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Check The Kerning!


Ha ha ha ha ha! Hilarious! "Check the kerning" is a Bush-era internet meme, which apparently Birthers are too dumb to know. Hey, who says right-wingers don't believe in recycling?

Okay, y’all happy now?

Of course not. This settles nothing. Why, there are still so many unanswered questions! There’s the whole mystery surrounding Obama’s supposed Connecticut Social Security number, or the vagaries of 1961 immigration law which disqualify Obama because of his mother’s age, or any one of a number of crazy half-assed theories one finds when they go down the birther rabbit hole.

But of course Serious People (like Anderson Cooper, for instance) simply must talk about it because, well, it would be irresponsible not to! And as we all know, Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz and the rest of the birther brigade are very, very serious people with nothing in their past to indicate they aren’t credible individuals.


Seriously, how long before a story surfaces on WingNut Daily claiming the long-form birth certificate is a forgery? I give it, oh, about four hours. And hey, there's all that other stuff I mentioned that they can chew over, too. So no, of course we will still be hearing that the president is illegitimate, and frankly, bring it on. Because now we have even more ammunition to throw back at those folks.

And here's a question: when did the discourse in this country get so crazy? When did it become okay for respected news organizations to treat the craziest conspiracy theories the right can dream up as legitimate stories worth devoting air time to? For crying out loud, CNN sent a fucking reporter to Hawaii! Why is it when the left was questioning the rationale for the Iraq War invasion we were just a bunch of pot-smoking hippies with nothing credible to back up our claims of cooked-up intelligence?

Is this how empires fall?

[UPDATE]: And of course, it's all about Donald Trump. The man's ego knows no bounds.

[UPDATE] 2: Well, here's another conspiracy theory to chew over: it's the Mitt Romney death certificate coverup!
And while Romney has a valid Michigan birth certificate, there is also the question of a death certificate, officially stamped on his passport ("He is dead") by the French police after a lethal auto accident while he was a missionary there in 1968.

Oh, my! Something to look forward to in 2012. Somehow I have the sneaking suspicion that if Romney gets the GOP nomination, no one will make a fuss about him being dead. Because, IOKIYAR.

[UPDATE] 3: Wow, WingNut Daily surprised me. I gave them four hours to denounce the Obama long form birth certificate, but it appears they had already called it into question before I’d even finished writing my post:

If the document proves valid, it could answer the questions raised by those who have alleged he was not actually born in Hawaii. But it also could prove his ineligibility because of its references to his father. Some of the cases challenging Obama have explained that he was a dual citizen through his father at his birth, and they contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born citizens.

Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, the only news agency that has waged a relentless investigative campaign on questions swirling around the Obama’s eligibility for nearly three years, was elated at the turn of events.

"We're gratified that our work has begun to pay off," he said. "The certificate of live birth is an absolutely vital foundation for determining constitutional eligibility of any president. We look forward to reviewing it like so many other Americans do at this late date. But it is important to remember there are still dozens of other questions concerning this question of eligibility that need to be resolved to assure what has become a very skeptical public concerning Barack Obama’s parentage, his adoption, his citizenship status throughout his life and why he continues to cultivate a culture of secrecy around his life."

Sure, there's so much secrecy when you keep pulling paranoid ideas out of the clear blue sky and people look at you strangely when you talk about them.

Jeeeeesuz. Your "relentless investigative campaign" has just been destroyed in the matter of 10 minutes, but of course with this much invested in it, don't expect it to go away -- ever. These people will never, ever give up. After all, the president is still black. Nothing will change that.