Thursday, October 14, 2010

How A Train Wreck Becomes A Star

Someone remind me the last time our glorious mainstream media was that interested in the Delaware Senate debates, especially when one candidate leads by 19 points? Seriously?

Can someone please explain to me the wall to wall coverage of the O’Donnell-Coons debate? It even hit my local morning news. Since when do we give a shit about what happens in Delaware? And Coons is blowing O’Donnell out of the water. Are you covering the New York and Louisiana Senate debates, too? Oregon? Connecticut? Those also show one candidate with a huge lead over the other. No? Why not?

Give me a fucking break, I’m so over this shit. Cut it out, already. Next thing you know the media will be labeling Christine O’Donnell a “rising star.” Oh, whoops! Too late! Well at least now you've justified your own fascination with this wackadoodle monster you created.

God I hate having to do two -- no wait, three -- of these posts in one week but I’m so over the way our media mangles political coverage. A bunch of nutballs catapult another nutball through the Senate primary process and even though she’s losing, horribly, the media can’t help but lavish their attention on her. Now they’ve turned this train wreck into a “rising star” in Republican politics, even though the voters are going to bury her on election day.

This is so much fun. I can’t wait to read the inevitable handwringing over how the GOP has become “too extreme” because its standard bearers are nutballs ... like Christine O’Donnell.

You guys in the news media are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you’re destroying the country in the process. You’re creating stars for your own amusement and profit. It’s horribly irresponsible.