Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Hand Of The Market Alert

A "Friends Of Coal” specialty license plate?

Is this a joke?

Sadly, no. Even worse is why they want the money:
Under their plan, the proceeds would go "to Tennessee surface mine reclamation fund to be used for reclamation and revegetation of property affected by mining and exploration operations."

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought that fell on your balance sheet. You know, it’s the cost of your fucking business. You want to fundraise for that via a state vehicle like specialty license plates? Well whoop-ti-do. Why don’t we have a specialty license plate for every business out there? Accountants, law firms, insurance companies, you name it. We could let the proceeds go toward buying copier paper and printer toner cartridges. Come to think of it, how about a specialty license plate for bloggers to pay for our ISP connections? Hell that makes more sense, since few of us make money off our blogs anyway.

I mean Jesus Christ on a blown-up mountain top. Who thought this was a good idea?

Not just no but HELL NO.

Sadly, with 0ur clueless, dysfunctional, wackadoodle state Republicans in charge, I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that a “Friends of Coal” specialty license plate is the first one approved. Because there’s nothing conservatives like more than an opportunity to piss off liberals--it is, indeed, the only reason they exist. They just love to show us Dirty Fucking Hippies who’s boss, don’t they?

Specialty license plates were created to support non-profit ventures: the arts, schools, state parks. Not a for-profit business raking in fistfuls of dollars while destroying our environment.

How about a specialty license plate for people who can't afford healthcare?