Monday, November 30, 2009

Bet She Won’t Try THAT Again

Newscoma had a hilarious post up Saturday about “cannibalistic advertising.” You know, those cute food mascots like the scrappy Frosted Mini-Wheats (including "Mr. Mini Wheat”), who brag about how they provide such a nutritious breakfast for their human, right before he chomps them to bits and washes them down with milk.

Just, ewww. Never understood why advertising agencies thought putting a human face on food was a good idea. Kind of flies in the face of tens of thousands of years of human taboos, guys.

Anyway, with that in mind I happened across this hilarious LSD propaganda film. What does this have to do with cannibalistic advertising? Just watch, you’ll see:

With that in mind, the holiday is over and I’m retreating back into my hole. Hope to be finished with my project in a couple weeks.