Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pro-Gun & Anti-Business? I’m Anti-Hypocrite, Thank You

As if we didn’t alredy know that the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals at the gun lobby only like the idea of “freedom” when it means freedom to agree with them, we have this story from Liberadio.

Apparently the pro-guns-in-bars crowd wants to target those business owners who choose to not allow guns in their establishments as the (soon to be new) guns in bars law allows. One of those businesses is Bosco’s here in Hillsboro Village, where the owner posted signs saying guns were not welcome in his establishment. That didn't sit well with TN Gun Owners, which sees a business owner's decision the opportunity to stage a protest:
So I am curious. How many of you would participate in a lawful, peacful protest in front of the Hillsboro Village location of Boscos restaurant following the presumed Tennessee House & Senate override of Governor Bredesen’s veto?

The goals of this would be to:

* Put these restaurant owners on notice that not only will they lose our business as pro-personal protection consumers, but they will also have unwanted attention drawn to their practice.

* Inspire restaurant owners to reconsider their decisions and remove their individual ban on being able to protect ourselves while dining in their establishments.

* By dressing nicely, having intelligently worded signs and flyers, and conducting ourselves peacefully and with tact and decorum, show that gun owners are not all neanderthal redneck backwoods hicks as the media paints us so broadly.

Here’s a thought: if you’re such a Nervous Nelly that you feel you need to protect yourself with a goddamned firearm everywhere you go, JUST STAY THE HELL HOME.

In the meantime, I plan to visit Bosco’s as I know this is one establishment where I’m safe from some trigger happy redneck going off half-cocked at the first sound of a car backfiring on 21st Avenue.