Monday, January 14, 2008

I’ve Heard Of Crappy Jobs But This Is Ridiculous

This one’s for you office workers who might have the Monday blues today.

One of last week’s overlooked stories concerns a Merrill Lynch employee who reacted rather strongly to news that he wouldn’t be getting his expected bonus:
It's fast becoming the Wall Street equivalent of an urban legend. Here’s what didn’t happen: a guy did not urinate on his desk because he was “pissed off.” The real story is so much worse.

In the first place, it wasn’t piss. It was shit. DealBreaker can confirm this much. After that the details get a bit fuzzy. The way we first heard it is that a guy took a dump in the rest room, stomped in it, and then dragged it all over the place by walking around with it on his shoes. Merrill’s story is that there was “an unfortunate accident” in one of the stalls—which we take to mean that some guy smeared his shit all over the bathroom because how the Hell could you miss the toilet—and that another person inadvertently stepped in it and tracked it all over.

And you thought your workplace sucked.