Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yet Another GOP Scandal


Fun with history: Wonkette finds more GOP toilet fun, diving into the memory hole and getting the goods on Mississippi arch-conservative Republican Congressman Jon Hinson.

If this keeps up, I might need to bring back my “GOP Hypocrite Of The Week” feature. North Carolina’s Coy Privette, a social conservative and president of the Christian Action League, resigned last month after being caught red-handed taking in some “action” with a prostitute.

The 74-year old retired pastor has pleaded guilty to SIX counts of soliciting a prostitute. It seems he tried to pay the woman with a blank check (so much for fiscal conservatism), which was how he got nabbed.

Problem is, Privette is also a Cabarrus County commissioner, and he doesn’t think this incident should preclude him from serving on the board, since he’s had this seat for nine years.

TPM Muckraker has the goods:
Privette would be happy to leave the embarrassing matter at that, having very publicly learned his lesson (i.e.- if you've got world enough and time, don't pay for a prostitute with a blank check). But local Republicans aren’t having it. They are furious that Coy has not resigned his commissioner position (if you recall, North Carolina GOP have already had its share of embarrassment from former state reps). Each of his fellow commissioners (all Republicans) has publicly demanded he resign. On Friday, the state Republican chairman sent him a letter demanding he step down, saying, "he's dishonored and disgraced."

For his part, Privette said Friday he is staying on the job. But the moment of truth will likely be this Tuesday, when he meets with the entire board of commissioners. It promises to be an awkward conversation.

I appreciate the whole "Republicans will clean their own house" talking point, but it does seem to me that when said housecleaning is finished, there won't be anyone left to mind the store.