Monday, July 19, 2010

Hippie Heaven

I'm in Hippie Heaven, and yes, the weather is absolutely incredible. I realize this isn't the best photo, it was just a quickie I took before lunch. But trust me when I say I feel so sorry for you poor folks in that sweat lodge known as Tennessee right now. I already told Mr. Beale I hoped he packed a crowbar because he was going to need it to get me back to Nashville.

Actually, packing a crowbar wouldn't have done much good as American Airlines lost his bag. I keep saying American Airlines sucks and yet we still fly this airline, which is ridiculous. So really we have no one to blame but ourselves. Anyway, his bag finally showed up a day and a half late, just in time for us to leave Victoria, B.C. and move on to our next destination.

[ADDING .... Caught a "travel expert" on one of the morning news shows advising people to FedEx their luggage four days before departure. And I ask you: who is this solution practical for, save Federal Express? I'm sorry, I have two of some things but I don't have two of everything. I don't have two jackets and two pairs of running shoes and two sets of my favorite jeans and also if your travels involve more than one destination -- we are making three stops this week -- then really you haven't saved yourself much. On top of which, it's not like FedEx never lost a package. Just my luck our bags would end up on that island with Tom Hanks in "Cast Away." And he'd be the dufus who didn't open that package and find everything he needed for a 10 year exile in the Pacific. No, I have an idea: how about instead of making people pack and ship their bags a week ahead of time, how about you people in the airline business figure out how to not lose our fucking bags, mm'kay? How about that?]

Anyway, it's absolutely incredible where we are, and as usual I'm saying we need to move here. I'm even looking at real estate info. But no fear, I do this all the time. My threats are empty.

Four days before leaving on vacation we were adopted by an adorable little white and gray kitten. She'd been hanging around the bushes outside our house and I finally was able to lure her in with a plate of food. She was seriously malnourished and also very, very friendly: a trip to the vet confirmed that she was in heat. Ruh-roh. So four days before we left for our trip I had to schedule her to be neutered spayed so that we didn't have even more adorable white and gray kittens on our doorstep in a few months.

Anyway, pre-surgery we were keeping her separate from the other animals on our screened porch when Mr. Beale looks up and says, "Oh my god, there's another one." Sure enough, our little kitty whom we'd named Etta has a sister. Smaller, scrawnier, and way more active. So now we had twice the fun, and twice the vet bills. Here they are, and if they look a little woozy it's because this picture was taken after they'd both been neutered spayed :

We were prepared to adopt Etta but as many of you know, we have a lot of cats and dogs. Adding a second kitten is not in the cards. If anyone would like to adopt the kitty we are calling Little Sister, please give me a shout-out. She's had her shots, is negative for feline leukemia, and has been neutered spayed. She's also cute as the dickens.

In the meantime, we have two very wonderful and undertanding friends housesitting for us while we embark on our travels, taking care of the dogs and cats and making sure Etta and Little Sister assimilate into the family.

And that's the latest from .... where are we again?