Monday, May 26, 2008

Great Idea Department

Oh noes, with brilliant minds like this, I don’t see how we can win in November!

Not really, of course. But check out a Freeper’s brilliant idea for a John McCain campaign ad:
Ad Idea for the general election, but don't really know how to pass on the idea.

Have a picture of Hussain Obama on one side wearing the turbine(the turbine picture) and to the right of that have a picture of John Mccain as a younger man in his uniform or after he was freed. Have the pictures side by side and on top either of the following

"What part of this don't you understand" or
"The choice is clear"

A great ad idea that goes right to the core of peoples fears. How do I get this idea to the powers to be or can you just do it for me?
A DKos diarist helpfully suggests this campaign ad:

(Thanks to The Red Pen at DKos.)