Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tea Party Hypocrites, Tennessee Edition

Thanks to Mack at Coyote Chronicles for calling my attention to this.

It seems Tennessee's freshman Teanut Rep. Stephen Fincher is living large off the government dole, while crying about how government spending is out of control. And he's not the only Tea Party hypocrite, either:
ABC's senior political correspondent Jonathan Karl reported "the Tea Party movement is all about slashing federal spending, but at least five House members with Tea Party connections have themselves collected more than $100,000 each in federal farm subsidies, totalling more than $8 million since 1995."

The subsidies are included in a report out Thursday by the Environmental Working Group. "We need a better system," said Rep. Stephen Fincher, a Tennessee Republican whose family farm has received more than $3 million in subsidies, with more than $100,000 going directly to the Congressman himself. Asked directly if he'd refuse to take any further subsidies, he dodged the question.

This isn’t anything new, of course; we DFHers have been talking for years about Michelle Bachmann’s hypocrisy in this regard. But I’m glad the media is finally paying attention.

Watch the segment here: